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New GA Wing Foil Gear!

Get impressed by our Foil Systems from GA.

GA Foils are developed and designed for various foiling disciplines and conditions in order to provide you with the right setup for each day on the water.


The goal of GA has always been to drive the evolution of our foils forward without compromising quality of the final product. Before each foil or spare part goes into production every parameter is validated so that their foils provide the performance as well as durability, you expect from a Gaastra product.

The right foil for your discipline

GA Foil Sets are preset for the best compromise between ease of use and performance in wingfoiling and windsurf foiling. Your GA foiling experience starts with a basic set for foiling either with a windsurfing sail or a wing, which can be fine-tuned with tons of different spare parts.

Visit THE FRANS PARADISE to get started on your GA wing experience!

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