Ever thought about trying windsurfing for the first time but do not know how to start?

The Frans Paradise at Bonaire is your answer! Windsurfing is not as difficult as it looks, a couple of hours with one of the pro Frans Brothers and we guarantee that you will get a hang of the basics of windsurfing and you will end up wondering why you didn't start windsurfing earlier! 

We offer a variety of lessons, from beginners to advanced lessons, from a personal lesson to lesson in groups, from 7 years old to all ages! 


Want to learn how to windsurf but do not want to do it alone? We offer groups lessons! A great way to learn something new, with your own group, while having some good fun!

In this course we will teach you the basics of windsurfing and equipment, getting on the board, sailing back and forth, steering and turning and general safety.

Are you a group that already has some beginners skills and want to improve your skills to be more intermediate, we can adapt the lessons to your own level.

The group lessons are for a maximum of 5 people.

​A group of friends having their first windsurf lesson

A group of friends having their first windsurf lesson

Individual beginners lesson

Want to try windsurfing for the first time, but prefer to do this with personal attention from one of our pro brothers? We offer individual beginners lessons. During these sessions Tonky or Taty Frans will take you thru the basics of windsurfing, starting on the beach and eventually on the water. You will learn the equipment, balancing yourself, how to sail up and down and just experience the basics of windsurfing. No experience in any sport needed, this lesson is really for everyone!

private beginners lesson

Private individual beginners lesson

Kids Lessons

Kids love to try new sports and windsurfing is no exception. The perfect sport that combines the love that kids have for the beach and sea. We offer kids lessons starting at the age of 7! 

Bring your kids to The Frans Paradise and let them get to know the awesome sport of windsurfing. It's safe and we guarantee they will have fun!

​Fully focused 10 year old during her lesson

Fully focused 10 year old during her lesson

Toddlers/young kids Fun Lessons

Have a kid that is younger than 7 years but still wants to have some fun on the windsurf gear? We offer a 30 minute fun lesson for kids 6 years or younger! They get a chance to hop on the board and have fun on the water with one of the Frans Brothers!


3 year old having some toddler fun windsurfing

intermediate Lessons

Once you are a comfortable on your windsurfing gear and you understand the basics we will take you to the next steps. Starting with wearing a harness. Using a harness will save your energy and is essential for providing stability when planning at high speed. Already wearing a harness? Footstraps, and planning are also part of the intermediate lessons.


Intermediate windsurfing wearing a harness

advanced Lessons

Both Frans Brothers have a huge amount of experience in many windsurf disciplines. Are you struggling to finally land that specific freestyle move or can't manage to stay on top of the water for foiling and need some expert tips on making it happen? Book an advanced lesson to work on any skill you want to master! 


Advanced windsurfer using the tips to improve his slalom skills