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At The Frans Paradise we carry the Gaastra HYBRID sails, MANIC HARDCORE WAVE,  combined with the black line 27-mm grip diameter aluminum boom.  Most of our sails are rigged on 100% carbon masts.  This makes the sail lighter and perform at it's best.


One single sail to boost you into huge jumps, carve through bottom turns in onshore conditions and perform powerful cutbacks in down the line waves, the 2020 Manic is equipped with inimitable versatility. The introduction of the brand-new 2.5 mil 2-Ply forms a lightweight construction, which is further stabilized by Carbon radial tapes, spreading from the clew, to keep you in control in every situation and wind force.


Available in sizes: 5.0 4.7 & 4.5 for mid December. 

the Tabou ROCKET free rider:

This is a great board for intermediate windsurfers.  It's easy to use, has impressive control due to the balance of the shape, AND it has a HUGE windrange with great top- and low-end.

Carving the jibe with is as easy as counting to 3. Are you ready to sail on it...? Sizes available 145, 135, 125, 115, 105.

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